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Bahrain Airport Car Rental Guide
CAR RENTAL desks are located in the main arrivals hall at the Bahrain Airport, these include
some of the worlds major car rental agencies. The Car Rental agencies available at the Bahrain
International Airport arrivals hall include the following:
Europcar, Budget Rent-a-car, Avis, Hertz, Oscar Car Hire, Elite Car Rentals, Continental Car
Hire, Gulf Car Hire, National Car, Thrifty Car and Easy Car Rental.
Through this site you can cheaply Rent a car throughout Bahrain including Manama and Isa
Town. If you are hiring a rental car for the Grand Prix then book your car early as, even
though the car rental companies do get extra cars for the Grand Prix, they still tend to run out
of available rental cars at this time due to the high demand.

Driving licence requirements for Renting a car in Bahrain;

o Rent a Car in Bahrain you will need an International Driving Licence, or a driving license
from any Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country, a UK or EC driving licence. Your license
will have to be endorsed by the General Directorate of Traffic, which most Car Hire and Car
Rental companies can do on the spot. Car Rental firms can accept UK and EC driving licences
for up to a one month period. The rules do change so it is recommended that the specific
requirements are checked with your Car Rental company in Bahrain on arrival.

General Bahrain driving information;

Driving in Bahrain is relatively safe and orderly when compared to some other Gulf and Middle Eastern
countries. The roads are not as crowded as some neighbouring countries,though they are getting busier, and they
are generally well maintained. Finding your way around is easy, the road sign's are in both English and Arabic
and the directions are clear.

The driving is on the right, as in Europe, but if you are Renting a car and have not driven in the middle east
before, then I would suggest that you take a little extra care as some of the driving habits in could be different
from those that you are used to, expect the unexpected.

Drinking and driving is prohibited. Strict laws are implemented on the island to minimize road accidents. The
penalty for drink driving is imprisonment and fines of up to Bd500. A seat belt should always be used by the
driver and passenger in the front seat. Otherwise, a fine of about Bd20 maybe imposed.

The top national speed limit in Bahrain is 120 kph, it is less on minor roads and the speed limits are generally
well signposted with Road signs placed on both sides of the road. Speed cameras are also installed in various
places and they also have mobile speed guns. A lot of traffic signals have cameras to catch those not obeying
the signals so make sure that you stay within the law at all times.

If you have an accident then so long as it is a small accident with no injuries, you are allowed to move your car,
however, if there are any injuries you are advised not to move the car and wait for the traffic police to arrive.
The police have an accident hot line 1768-8888 or 1768-5999, once
informed and if no injuries then they will ask both drivers to go to a specified police station to report the
accident. The easiest one to find in Manama is next to the Exhibition center in Seef. An accident report must be
filed in order to claim from the Hire Car companies  insurance agents and most Car Rental companies will advise
you not to admit liability. Garages will not repair a vehicle without a
police report so make sure you get one for the Car Rental company.

Useful numbers in an emergency in Bahrain are:
Fire/Ambulance/Police:  999
Traffic accidents:  1768-8888 or 1768-5999
Petrol in Bahrain is very reasonable at 100 fils and 80 fils per liter for the two types of petrol that are available,
Mumtaz and Jayid ( a literal translation being Very good and good) with plenty of petrol stations well
signposted. Your Car Hire company will advise you as to which you should use.
If you are looking to buy a car in Bahrain you will also find that new cars are cheaper than in Europe.

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Hotels, Bahrain Grand Prix, Bahrain Weather,  Car Hire and Car Rental in Bahrain useful.
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Advantage rent a car,
Alamo car hire,
Budget car rental,
Dollar car hire,
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Hertz car hire,
National rent a car,
Sixt Car rentals,
Thrifty auto rentals.
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Bahrain Car Rental Conditions,
Unlike most car rentals, the quoted rates above will
the following as standard;

Car Theft insurance
Third party insurance
Collision damage insurance
Car Breakdown Assistance
Airport Fee
Unlimited Mileage

Drivers Age
25 to 75 Years

Coverage / Insurance
Theft insurance: Included In Rate;
Third party insurance: Included in Rate
Collision damage insurance: Included In Rate;
Special Equipment / Optional Extras
Navigational system: On Request; Not included in rate shown
Infant child seat:  On Request; Not included in rate shown
Child toddler seat: On Request; Not included in rate shown
Booster seat:  Not included in rate shown

Breakdown Assistance
Included In Rate

Airport Fee: Included In Rate

Mileage Policy

Payment Method
Credit card

Additional Extra Conditions
Please note additional extras charges are subject to change
without notice, please check your policy.
Compare the Leading Car Rental agents in Bahrain and find the cheapest Car
Rental deals available. Rental cars from Bahrain Airport and Manama.
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