Bahrain has a wide variety of private schools following different national curricula, available to
both Bahraini and expatriate children, for a complete listing of the schools in Bahrain please
use this government website which lists all registered private schools in Bahrain.  

The main schools in Bahrain that follow the British curriculum, from age 3, include the British
School of Bahrain in Hamala, Tel;17613330 "", this has been the
main British curricula school in Manama but has moved to Hamala near the Saudi causeway,
with this move it will get a brand new  state of the art campus which, if the plans come to
fruition, will make it a very popular choice with modern state of the art equipment and classes.  
St Christopher's school Bahrain has campuses in Isa Town for seniors and  Budaiya for
the Junior School, Tel; 17788108 "". Both of these schools continue
up to a-level, the exams of which can be sat in Bahrain and St Christopher's has started I B
courses for older children.

For prep. Schools there is the
Nadeen International School near Adliya tel; 17728886.
Nadeen School is a British Curriculum Primary School, consisting of Pre-School, Infant, and
Junior school sections, with classes from Pre-Nursery through to Year 6. Children attend the
school from 2-11 years old. Nadeen School Bahrain was established in 1978.
Nadeen school has 320 children enrolled from 50 countries, the mix of children creates a
happy atmosphere where different cultures mix and learn from each other. Nadeen School
Bahrain is known for its positive, encouraging, and enthusiastic learning environment, where
every child is treated as an individual.
School class work is mostly topic/theme based with a strong emphasis placed on language,
expression, imagination, art, and music. History, Geography, Art-and-Craft, Science, and
Design and Technology are incorporated into these centers of interest, as well as taught
separately. Music and Dance, Drama, PE, Cooking, IT, French, and Library, are in the
weekly syllabus for most children. The children are taught in whole-class, group, and individual
sessions. They also offer an English as a Second Language Program to students requiring extra

Following the American curricula is the
Bahrain school in Juffair tel; 17727828 "http://www.". The school is operated by the Bahrain International School
Association (BISA) with the United States Department of Defense Education Activity
(DoDEA) and takes students from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade. It became the first school in
the country to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 1982. The school offers the
American High School Diploma as well as the IB Diploma.

Newly built on the
Amwaj Island's and opened in September 2006 is the International School
of Choueifat- Manama P.O.Box 50559 Amwaj Island – Kingdom of Bahrain Phone  + 973
16033333, Fax + 973 16033330 This is a member of the SABIS® school network.

Popular kindergarten pre-schools include the Little Gems school in Budaiya, tel 17694356
and The children's house Montessori school in Janabiya tel;17699844.

Among other schools in Bahrain are;
The Asian School Bahrain P.O Box: 1143  Tel:17728857; 17722886,
Indian School Bahrain, P.O. Box:558 Isa Town Tel:00973 17684166
Fax: 00973 17682120, Founded in the year 1950, The Indian School Bahrain was originally
initiated by a small group of people with a committed workforce of three staff and a
Headmistress, today, The Indian School is one of the largest expatriate schools in the Arabian
Gulf with a strength of over 7000 students and a staff of over 400, in two campuses in Sitra
and Isa Town.
Japanese School Bahrain, PO Box 30084, Mr Hatanaka,
French school,
Dilmon school in Adliya P.O. Box 26425 Tel: 17713483, which follows the British system.
Modern Knowledge Schools P.O. Box 15826 Tel: 17727712
In addition, for Catholic students, there is the Sacred Heart school Bahrain
Isa Town, PO Box
388 (Tel. 973-684 367)
and several mixed elementary schools. Details of all these schools are
listed on the Government school information website.

It is advisable to register your children as soon as you decide which school you would like
your child or children to attend, as with the tremendous growth Bahrain has experienced the
schools tend to fill up classes quickly.
A Short List of some of the Main Private Schools in Bahrain, the information listed is subject to change;

English-language Schools in Bahrain

British School of Bahrain, Hamala, PO Box 15775 (Tel. 973-17613330). Ages 3–17.
St Christopher’s School, Isa Town and Budaiya, PO Box 32052 (Tel. Admissions (+973) 17 598 500  
(+973) 17 598 501 Fax(+973) 17 598 492  ). Ages 8–17
Bahrain school, Juffair tel; 17727828
Riffa Views International School Tel: 973-1656-5000
Nadeen International School , Adliya tel; 17728886 Ages 2-11
International School of Choueifat- Manama P.O.Box 50559 Amwaj Island – Kingdom of Bahrain Phone  + 973
16033333, Fax + 973 16033330
Indian School Bahrain, P.O. Box:558 Isa Town Tel:00973 17684166
Fax: 00973 17682120,
Dilmun School, Adilya, PO Box 26425 (Tel. 973-713 483). Ages 3–11.
Habara School, PO Box 26516 (Tel. 973-712 868)
The Infant School, Shaikh Salman Highway, PO Box 26625 (Tel. 973-252 346). Ages 2–11.
Sacred Heart School, Isa Town, PO Box 388 (Tel. 973-684 367). Ages 4–16.
Some popular International Schools in Bahrain

Al-Hekma International School, PO Box 26489, Adilya (Tel. 973-620 820). Ages 1–17.
Al-Noor International School, Po Box 85 (Tel. 973-736 773). Ages 3–17.
Bahrain Bayan School, PO Box 32411, Isa Town (Tel. 973-682 227). Ages 3–17.
Ibn Khuldoon International School, PO Box 20511, Isa Town (Tel. 973-780 661). Ages 3–17.
Naseem International School, PO Box 28503, Isa Town (Tel. 973-689 684). Ages 3–17.
The British Council can be contacted at the following, PO Box 452, Manama 356, Bahrain (Tel. 973-261 555).
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